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Terminator Genisys

Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) remembers what his parents told him of the world before Judgment Day. He never got to witness it, but he heard it was beautiful. On August 29th, 1997, Skynet took over and unleashed Judgment Day upon the world. Massive explosions are seen hitting San Francisco, killing millions of people and destroying the city.

As a child, Kyle is running through the sewers to avoid the Terminators. One of them corners him in the darkness, until it is shot down by the Resistance leader John Connor (Jason Clarke). He takes Kyle with him, and Kyle grows up fighting alongside John as they try to stop Skynet once and for all.

In 2029, John and Kyle fight with their unit to infiltrate the last Skynet base to take their secret weapon - the time machine that sent the Terminator to the past to kill John's mother Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke). Although Kyle isn't immediately convinced the mission will work, John persuades him to continue fighting alongside him. He then gives Kyle a picture of Sarah.

John gives a rousing speech to the other Resistance fighters before Kyle infiltrates the Skynet base using a dead Terminator to enter. The other Terminators scan it and see it's non-functional, so they start shooting at Kyle's truck. He detonates several explosives, killing these Terminators and allowing the other fighters to attack. Skynet's flying machines attack, shooting down some fighters in the battle. Suddenly, all the machines go offline and fall. The fighters think they've won. They go down to the storage facility to find the time machine. John tells the fighters what happens with the Terminators and his mother, and he asks for a volunteer to go back and stop them, because if Sarah dies, then he is never born, and all their victories will be undone. The original T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is already sent back to 1984 Los Angeles to carry out the task. Many offer to go back in time, but Kyle ultimately steps forward and decides to go since he knows as much about Sarah as John based on what he's told her. John agrees, and Kyle steps into the machine. As he is being sent back in time, Kyle sees one Resistance fighter, Alex (Matt Smith), with his arm glowing as he grabs John. He whispers, "You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?" to John. Kyle calls out to John as he is sent back.

In the time jump, Kyle sees flashbacks of a childhood he never lived, before Judgment Day. He sees himself on his 13th birthday receiving a tablet for Genisys, an operating system that is set to go online soon in this timeline. The young Kyle looks in the mirror and repeats "Genisys is Skynet", and that it's ready to activate in 2017. He also sees himself with Sarah, who traces her finger in the palm of his hand saying, "A straight line. You keep moving forward and never look back."

The T-800 approaches the trio of punks to take their clothes. Before anything else can happen, an aged T-800 (which Sarah has nicknamed "Pops") arrives and shoots at the original T-800. The two Terminators fight and pound each other's skin off. From a distance, Sarah uses a sniper rifle to shoot the original through the chest, killing it.

Kyle arrives in 1984, nude. He takes the pants off a homeless man as a cop (Byung-hun Lee) pulls up by the alley where Kyle landed and chases after him. Kyle quickly learns that this man is also a Terminator, the shapeshifting T-1000. Kyle runs into a clothing store and grabs a shirt. Two actual cops find him and cuff him. The T-1000 kills the older cop while Kyle and the younger cop hide. When it looks like the T-1000 has them cornered, a truck plows into the store and smacks the T-1000. Sarah opens the door and yells to Kyle, "Come with me if you want to live!" Kyle does so and hops in the truck with her.

Sarah apparently already knows who Kyle is and what he was sent back in time to do. She tells him they already killed the Terminator sent back to kill her, and she knows about Skynet, Judgment Day, and her own son. Kyle is surprised to see Sarah's Terminator (Pops) is working with her. In a panic, Kyle tries to shoot him, but Pops knocks Kyle out. While he's unconscious, Pops and Sarah discuss how she already knows that she's supposed to fall in love with Kyle and conceive John, but she doesn't want to hear about it. Meanwhile, the T-1000 follows them using a piece of his liquid metal to track them. The T-1000 catches up with them and attacks. Kyle comes to and shoots at the T-1000's police cruiser, causing it to blow up.

The trio lead the T-1000 into the sewers. Using its liquid metal, he reactivates the dead T-800, which attacks Kyle. Kyle manages to knock its head off, destroying it for good. Sarah finds herself in a floor beneath multiple vats of acid. Kyle runs to her, saying he's hurt, until another Kyle runs by. Knowing one of them is the T-1000, Sarah tries to figure out who is the imposter. She shoots at the T-1000's foot, which bleeds the liquid metal. Sarah tells the real Kyle to run as she shoots the acid vats to hit the T-1000. He nearly catches up to Sarah until Pops grabs him and holds him beneath the acid until he is completely disintegrated.

Sarah tells Kyle how Pops was sent to her in 1973 when she was a child and he vowed that nobody would hurt her. She and Pops bring Kyle to a place where they have their own time machine. Sarah wants to jump back to 1997 to prevent Judgment Day, but Kyle remembers the flashbacks he saw and is convinced that they need to jump to 2017 when Genisys is set to go live. Sarah is unconvinced until Kyle tells her what he saw. Pops knows what he's talking about and says he went through a nexus point that created an alternate timeline, which happened the moment Kyle reached out for John when he saw him being attacked in 2029. Sarah finally agrees to go back to 2017. She and Kyle undress for the machine as they talk about Kyle's time with John. Pops stays behind since his arm was damaged by the acid and he needs time for the tissue to repair, so he will spend the next 33 years waiting for Sarah and Kyle to return.

The two arrive in 2017 in the middle of a highway. They are nearly hit by a car until Kyle grabs Sarah and gets slammed against the front of the car. They are apprehended by Detective Cheung and Lt. Matias (Sandrine Holt and Michael Gladis). Pops (now more aged with grey hair) sees them.

Sarah and Kyle are taken to the hospital. There, they are met by a man named O'Brien (J.K. Simmons), who happens to be the cop that survived the T-1000 attack back in 1984. He knows there's something unusual about Sarah and Kyle.  Sarah notices one of the doctors with a Genisys countdown on his phone and asks about it. She and Kyle learn that Genisys is an operating system set to link up with every electronic device in the world, meaning it's basically Skynet in the making. Matias also mentions to them that after running their prints, it looks like Sarah is the only one that is off the grid, but Kyle's prints match the Kyle Reese in this timeline, who is 12 years old. The authorities leave when Homeland Security arrives. Moments later, Sarah and Kyle are met by John. He has them cuff two officers when they enter the room. He convinces Sarah that he is her son when he mentions that she would sing him "Rocket Man" as a child, but he jokes that her singing is awful.

The three go to the parking garage where John calls Kyle "Dad", leading John and Sarah to admit what Kyle never knew, that he is to be John Connor's father. Kyle is confused and upset until they're met by Pops holding a giant teddy bear. He's concealing a gun, which he uses to shoot John. Kyle then thinks that Pops really is a murderous Terminator, until the blood around John turns into mechanical particles. John explains that when he was attacked in 2029, he was turned into a Terminator, the T-3000, by Alex. He convinced John that the reason they couldn't prevent Judgment Day was because of him, and he is better off as an asset to Skynet than he is as their enemy. He tries to convince his parents to join him, but they refuse. John attacks, and Pops fights him. They crash into the hospital and tumble near an MRI machine. The magnetic pull holds John back long enough for the three to escape.

We see a brief interview with Danny Dyson (Dayo Okeniyi), son of Miles (Courtney B. Vance). Danny is the President of Cyberdyne and creator of Genisys, and he hopes for the program to be a success.

Pops takes Sarah and Kyle to a safe house near the Golden Gate Bridge where they prepare their weapons to fight back. Kyle is still upset over learning he is John's father, having been lied to by both him and Sarah. She also tells Kyle that he is fated to die if everything goes out the way it should. Eventually, they resolve to destroy the Genisys mainframe for good.

John is apparently working alongside the Dysons as they prepare to launch Genisys. Danny speaks before a large crowd and shows off a childlike avatar in the role of Genisys, saying it is eager to meet the consumers. Danny says they have reached a billion pre-orders. Meanwhile, John vows to not let anyone harm Genisys.

Sarah, Kyle, and Pops get ready to fight back when John finds their hideout. Sarah shoots John with an explosive, giving the three a chance to run outside. They take a school bus before John re-emerges and chases after them on a motorcycle as they ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. John latches onto the bus and pulls the brakes out, causing Sarah to lose control. Kyle and Pops try to hold John off until he causes the bus to flip over and slide over the edge of the bridge. Pops pulls Sarah and Kyle out while John falls into the water with the bus. The authorities arrive, and the three surrender since Pops doesn't have a good chance of taking out all the cops.

The three are taken into custody. During their interrogations, O'Brien brings in the 12-year-old Kyle with his parents. Neither of them recognize the adult Kyle, but young Kyle says the adult looks like his father. They leave. Pops notices through the two-way mirror that something is up with one of the detectives. Cheung appears to shoot the other detectives, and Pops breaks through the mirror, knowing she is John in disguise. O'Brien helps Sarah and Kyle escape. Sarah then finds 12YO Kyle still with his parents. She traces his hand with her finger and tells him to keep going and never look back. O'Brien guides Sarah and Kyle to the roof with Pops where they take a chopper to Cyberdyne. John takes a chopper of his own and follows.

In the air, Sarah shoots at John, but he keeps going. They get high above John's chopper, giving Pops an idea. He looks at Sarah and says, "I'll be back" before dive-bombing into John's chopper and causing it to crash.

Everyone makes it to Cyberdyne, with John having made it first. He kills the guards and jumps the Genisys countdown from 13 hours to 15 minutes. Sarah, Kyle, and Pops plant explosives around the facility as they head to find John. Sarah and Kyle encounter the Genisys avatar and shoot out the projectors as it continues to taunt them. They, along with Pops, fight against John as he tries to prevent them from doing any further damage to the facility. Pops gets the detonator to set off the explosives, but it's too close to Sarah as John has her in his grasp. Neither one can kill her, since Pops is still protecting Sarah, and John needs her for him to stay alive. Pops fights John while Sarah and Kyle encounter Genisys in a matured avatar form, taking on the appearance of Alex. He says he cured John and that there's no stopping Skynet from becoming a reality.

Pops takes the fight with John to the room where an unfinished time machine is located. John's human tissue gets blasted off, revealing his complete T-3000 form. He continues to fight Pops, doing severe damage to him. Pops impales the T-3000 with his arm and brings him into the now-active time machine. He traps both of them in the magnetic field and tells Kyle to protect Sarah. Kyle gets her out of there as the magnetic field gains more power. Pops gets pushed out of the time machine and falls into a pool of mimetic polyalloy liquid while the T-3000 is destroyed in the magnetic field. The explosives go off and blow up most of the facility as Sarah and Kyle get into a bunker before the explosion hits them. After a while, Pops comes back, having been "upgraded" in the liquid metal.

The three go to find 12YO Kyle for Adult Kyle to tell his younger self to keep repeating "Genisys is Skynet". Now free from the threat of Skynet, Sarah is happy to choose what happens in her future, and she chooses Kyle, pulling him in for a kiss while Pops looks on awkwardly. The three drive off, with Kyle saying that even though Skynet is gone, there are still questions left unanswered, but they will continue to move forward.

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The film starts with a shot of a dinosaur egg. It starts to crack and break open as a baby dinosaur is ready to emerge. Its claws break through before we get a look at its glowing eye.

We meet the Mitchell family as parents Scott and Karen (Adam Buckley and Judy Greer) bring their sons Zach and Gray (Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins) to the airport for what is supposed to be a family vacation. Karen bids her sons farewell as they depart, though she is visibly worried about them.

The boys are taken to an area where a ship guides them to Isla Nublar for the unveiling of Jurassic World, a new theme park where their aunt Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) is the operations manager. Her assistant Zara (Katie McGrath) picks the boys up and travels with them to the resort, which is filled with hundreds of new guests eager to see what the park has to offer.

Claire meets with three investors to show them that their money would be in good hands as the park's scientists are continuing to find advances in genetically modifying dinosaurs. According to Claire, they've created the first ever dinosaur hybrid, the Indominus Rex. The investors all insist that they, like the park's guests, only want to be thrilled, which Claire can guarantee. After the meeting is done, Claire finds the boys. Gray is excited to see her, but Zach knows Claire is too busy to care about them. She has them stick with Zara for the day while she tends to her business.

Claire next meets with park employees Lowery and Vivian (Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus) to monitor the park's activity before meeting pith the park's owner Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan) to go inspect the Indominus. They see on the glass overlooking the cage that there are two large cracks, indicating that the Indominus tried to break through it. Masrani requests that Claire find the park's Velociraptor trainer and expert Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to ensure that this part of the park is secure. Claire doesn't seem too pleased to hear Owen's name.

Owen is with his Raptors, which he's named Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo (Owen says he's the Alpha). He has managed to tame them and keep them under control as the guests watch in amusement, along with his training partner Barry (Omar Sy). Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio), head of InGen security, thinks of the Raptors as nothing more than park property and that they ought to be used as military weapons, which Owen and Barry disagree with. A new employee tries to wrangle a pig as it runs through the cage, only to get pulled in before the Raptors. Owen gets the employee out and holds the Raptors back before rolling out of the cage in the nick of time, showing that the Raptors are not fully tamed.

Zach and Gray run away from Zara to explore the rest of the park. Gray had an active interest in the dinosaurs while Zach creepily stares at other girls (despite already having a girlfriend). They go to the Mosasaur attraction where a massive underwater dinosaur emerges and takes a bite out of a shark before splashing the audience. Among the rest of the attractions are a petting zoo for kids where they can ride baby triceratops.

On the way to find Owen, Claire gets a call from Karen after learning that the boys aren't with her. Karen starts crying since she wishes she could spend time with them before she and Scott get divorced (we see her outside the office of some divorce lawyers). Claire comforts her and hangs up as she approaches Owen's bungalow. She tells him why she needs him and he follows her to the Indominus.

Upon returning to the Indominus cage, Owen noticed large claw marks against the wall. Claire panics and thinks the Indominus tried to escape. Lowery and Vivian attempt to locate her with the tracker in her head while Owen and two other employees look through the enclosure. As it turns out, she is right there with them. The Indominus snatches one employee in her jaws while Owen and the other man run away. She chases them outside the enclosure and sniffs out the other employee before devouring him. Owen slips under a van and masks his scent by cutting the fuel hose and dousing himself in gas. The Indominus misses him and proceeds moving toward the rest of the park.

In the control room, Masrani orders an ACU team to go in and capture Indominus. It's quiet in the forest until one man picks up the tracker that the Indominus clawed out. He sees blood dripping on his arm. The Indominus has camouflaged herself and begins to massacre the entire team as they use non-lethal weapons to subdue her. Owen chastises the staff for this while also noting that the Indominus wanted the people to think she escaped. He orders the staff to call for an evacuation of the island. Claire calls Zara and orders her to get the boys out of there, but Zara says she's lost sight of them. Claire then gets Owen to help her find the boys after proceeding to order the evacuation.

Masrani speaks to Dr. Henry Wu (B.D. Wong), one of the few survivors of the previous incident at Jurassic Park, who has stayed to carry on John Hammond's legacy. Masrani criticizes Wu for his involvement in the creation of the Indominus and allowing something like her to live amongst other creatures.

The boys ride a train to the next ride. Gray knows his parents are getting divorced, but Zach tries to get him to have fun to take his mind off it. They board the gyrosphere ride to take their own little tour of the park and into the Ankylosaurs area. Zach tells Gray to ignore the evacuation warning and they go off the grid. This allows Claire to track their location. The boys then cross paths with the Indominus. She viciously mauls another dinosaur to death while Zach and Grey try to stay hidden. Zach's phone rings as Claire calls him, alerting the Indominus. She starts to smash their pod until they manage to escape. They run toward the edge of a cliff over a body of water, making the jump right before the Indominus catches them.

Owen and Claire come across the broken pod and see the boys' footprints, then deduce that they jumped off the cliff. They also see the bodies of a half-dozen Apatosauruses, clawed and bloodied. Owen realizes that the Indominus is killing for sport.

Zach and Grey come across what used to be the Jurassic Park Visitor Center and they take a van to the northern part of the park. Owen and Claire come by the same area and are chased by the Indominus. This leads to Masrani and three other men to fly in a helicopter after the beast. In the chaos, they break through the Aviary, unleashing a group of Pterosaurs into the sky. The men in the helicopter are killed, and Masrani follows suit when the helicopter crashes to the ground. The Pterosaurs start making their way to the rest of the park.

As the Pterosaurs descend, they attack the guests. Zara finds Zach and Gray as they arrive, only to get snatched by a Pteranodon and then get eaten by the Mosasaur, along with the Pteranodon. Other guests are swooped up and eaten as well. The boys run to safety and are found by Owen and Claire, who kill two attacking dinosaurs. In the heat of the moment, Owen grabs Claire and kisses her. The boys join them, feeling much safer with Owen.

As a result of the chaos, Hoskins assumes control of the park and decides to utilize the Raptors as weapons. Owen finds Hoskins and punches him in the face, knowing he had this planned all along. Reluctantly, Owen agrees to use the Raptors, but if they do it his way. After talking to them calmly, Owen rides into the jungle with the Raptors with cameras on their heads.

The Raptors, along with another team of men, come across the Indominus. The Raptors go over to her menacingly, until the Indominus appears to communicate with them. That's when Owen realizes that the Indominus has Raptor DNA. The Raptors turn on the humans and start attacking. Blue nearly kills Barry until Owen calls him away. One of the Raptors is killed when it is blown up by a missile.

Owen, Claire, and the boys go to an InGen lab where they find Hoskins trying to pack his things after having sent the rest of the team, including Wu, away with dinosaur embryos. Hoskins starts to mention his plan about using the Indominus as a weapon, until one of the Raptors gets into the lab. Hoskins tries to communicate with it in a friendly way like Owen did, but it bites his arm before ripping the rest of him apart. The other four run away.

Owen finds the remaining Raptors and once again tries to assert his dominance over them. They listen to him and become calm, until the Indominus returns. She slams Blue against a wall and then kills the other two Raptors. Gray says that the only thing to beat the Indominus is more teeth. Claire goes to one of the cages and orders Lowery (the only one to stay behind in the control room) to open that cage. Lowery does so, and from the cage emerges the Tyrannosaurus Rex. She charges into battle and swiftly attacks the Indominus. However, the beast proves to be very powerful and nearly mauls the T-Rex to death. Before she can strike the killing blow, Blue runs in and slams into the Indominus. The T-Rex rises, and, with Blue's help, they push the Indominus toward the lagoon. She rises for more, until the Mosasaur jumps up and grabs the Indominus, dragging her into the water to her doom. The T-Rex and Blue appear to acknowledge each other respectfully, while Blue shares one last moment with Owen before retreating into the jungle.

Not long after the chaos is over, Owen, Claire, and the boys are in a survivors base in Costa Rica. Scott and Karen arrive and tearfully reunite with their sons. Claire goes to Owen and asks what they should do now. He says they should stick together, "for survival." They leave together.

The film ends with the T-Rex standing over Isla Nublar, letting out her mighty roar.

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AVENGERS: Age of Ultron

Ultron plans to have the labs in Korea build him a bio-organic body. While slowly uploading his consciousness to the new body, Wanda is able to access his mind and finds that he does plan to destroy the population of Earth so that he can repopulate it with machines that all bear his programming. The Avengers interrupt his plans and hijack the body in the cradle before Ultron can upload his entire consciousness to it.

Wanda and Pietro change sides. Meanwhile, Thor is taken by Dr. Selvig to a pool known as "The Water of Sight," where he has a vision of the new creation saving mankind.

Tony and Bruce discover that JARVIS had been laying dormant in an underground facility that Tony was able to access. The Avengers, fearing another Ultron nightmare, attempt to stop Tony, but Thor appears and uses Mjolnir to overload the body with power, and the Vision is born. Brilliantly intelligent, it is so level-minded that it can hold and carry Mjolnir.

Ultron plans to use the vibranium to lift the city of Sokovia above Earth and cause it to crash, creating a destructive shockwave similar to that of the meteor believe to have wiped out the dinosaurs. The Avengers, with help now from Wanda, Pietro, the Vision and War Machine, make their move as Ultron lifts the city. Vision confronts Ultron in one final attempt to get him to see what he will cause, but Ultron is too fargone, so the Vision corrupts his ability to travel the internet to upload into new bodies. S.H.I.E.L.D. shows up in a new flying hangar to help evacuate the city so that Tony can level it without hurting anyone.

While saving the people from Ultron's legion, Pietro is killed. Feeling his pain, Wanda destroys Ultron's main CPU, but his consciousness still exists in his legion.

With everyone safely off the flying island, Tony and Thor overload the vibranium reactor, causing the island to vaporize. War Machine destroys all but one of the escaping droids, which lands in a forest for one last talk with the Vision, who destroys the last remnant of Ultron.

Hulk flies away in a stealth Quinjet without transforming back into Bruce.

The gem in Loki's staff contained the Mind Stone, one of the 6 Infinity Stones. It now resides in the Vision, with the Tesseract in Asgard, the Aether with the Collector on Knowhere, and the Power Stone with Nova on Xandar.

With Tony announcing his resignation, the Hulk MIA, Hawkeye home with a new baby, and Thor returning to Asgard, Captain America and Black Widow break in the new Avengers: the Vision, Wanda, Falcon, and War Machine.

MID CREDIT SCENE: Thanos removes the Infinity Gauntlet from its storage cell, proclaiming, "I guess I'll just have to handle this MYSELF "


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Ex Machina

Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) is selected to spend a week out at the secluded house of reclusive genius and tech CEO, Nathan (Oscar Issac). After arriving by helicopter, Nathan reveals to Caleb that he was selected because he is to take part in an experiment. The experiment is a Turing test on a humanoid artificial intelligence (AI) named Ava (Alicia Vikander). Other than the human skin on her face, hands and feet, she has the body of a robot.

Over the next few days, Ava and Caleb develop a strong bond, which results in Caleb deciding to help Ava escape from Nathan. On the night of the escape, Nathan figures out Caleb’s plan and tells him that she is using him, as he programmed her that way, deeming the experiment a success. When Caleb reveals that his plan is already in motion, Nathan knocks him out and decides to kill Ava. However, Ava kills Nathan first and locks Caleb in a room. She covers herself up with skin from Nathan’s other AIs (who have since been deactivated) and puts on some clothes. She goes out to where the helicopter is to pick up Caleb and is airlifted out into human society

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Johannesburg is the first city to use a robot police force.  Created by Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) these robots are completely automated and have artificial intelligence.  Deon’s office rival Vincent Moore (Hugh Jackman) has created  The Moose (basically ED-209 from Robocop), which is operated via a human.  Moore isn’t a big fan of Deon’s work.

Robocop unit 22 is back in the shop again.  It seems this particular unit is accident prone and always getting serviced.  The techs get it back into action and send it out into the field where it assists in a police raid on a drug deal gone bad.

On one side of the drug deal are Die Antwoord’s Ninja and Yolandi playing characters named Ninja and Yolandi.  They’re teamed with Amerika (Jose Pablo Cantillo).  They’re trying to deliver goods to crime boss Hippo (Brandon Auret).  Ninja, Yolandi and Amerika manage to escape during the police raid.  Hippo shoots a rocket launcher into 22’s chest and also manages to evade the cops.

Back at the shop, the techs see that 22’s battery is fused with his chest piece, so he’s basically beyond repair.  They set him aside to be scrapped.

Hippo calls the gang and tells them that he’s not in jail and he still expects them to pay him the money they owe him from their previous botched job.

Moore asks robo-boss Michelle Bradley (Sigourney Weaver) for more money to assist with further developing his Moose.  Deon’s robocops are such a hit that the government has decided to sink more money into that project and has no interest in the Moose.  It’s big, expensive and ugly.

Deon goes home and starts working on his newest project which is creating an artificial consciousness.  After a long night of programming and Red Bull, he succeeds.

Yolandi has a plan that the robocops must be like a television so all they need is a remote control to turn them off.  They look at the news and see that Deon is the dude who created the robocops, so he must be the guy who knows how to power them down.

Deon asks Bradley if he can use his artificial consciousness program on the scrapped 22 unit.  He explains that it’s possible that this could create a robot smarter than humans and it could even conceivably write poetry.  She explains that they’re in the business of defense and not in the business of creating poets, so she gives him the big old thumbs down.

Deon decides to take a chance, gets the scrapped 22 and the Guard Key, which is needed to update the programming in all the robots as a precaution against hackers, and smuggles them out of the factory.  The gang kidnaps him before he can get home.

The gang takes Deon back to their base and ask him how to shut down the robocops.  He says it’s impossible.  They’re about to kill him, but discover the 22 unit in the back of his van.  He assembles it for them, explaining that if his program works, it can be taught.  He puts it together and the 22 has the personality of a scared child.  Yolandi takes on an immediate mother-role and tells him that he’s a happy chappie…and names him Chappie.  They let Deon leave, but he asks to come back to check on the progress.  He also tells them that because of the fused battery, Chappie only has about 5 days to live.

Moore wants to work on his Moose, but discovers that the Guard Key is missing.  He knows Deon took it.

The next day Yolandi  and Amerika start teaching Chappie.  Ninja gets mad that because he needs Chappie trained to help them to do one more heist so they can pay back Hippo.

At work, Moore pulls his gun on Deon, but plays it off as a joke.  He’s seriously got a screw loose.

Deon leaves work to check on Chappie.  He’s mad that the gang is turning him into a thug, so he asks Chappie to promise not to do anything illegal.  Moore follows Deon and sees what’s going on.  Ninja returns and threatens to kill Deon again for interfering with his plans.  He and Amerika take Chappie to the middle of a rough area and leave him there.  The locals start attacking him, but because Chappie promised Deon he wouldn’t do anything bad, he doesn’t fight back.

Chappie makes his way back to the gang hideout where Amerika and Yolandi fix him back up.  Ninja and Amerika figure out a way to trick Chappie into helping them.  Together, they steal cars so they can get money to get weapons so they can do their big heist.  Once they have enough cars, they go to a crazy looking apartment building, not completely unlike the building in Dredd.  When they get there, a dog fight is taking place.  Chappie can’t go up to see the arms dealer Pitbull (Johnny Selema) and get weapons, and a stack of Playstation 4s.  When they return, Chappie is trying to nurse a dead dog back to health.  Ninja explains to him that in life you can either end up the dead dog, or the winning dog which.  He also tells him that his battery can’t be fixed because Deon made him to die.  But if he helps them with their heist, they’ll be able to buy him a new body.  Chappie goes along with the idea because he doesn’t want to die.

Deon returns to the gang hideout and is disappointed that Chappie is out doing illegal stuff with Ninja and Amerika.  Yolandi tells him that he should leave because Ninja will kill him if he finds him there.  Chappie, Ninja and Amerika return.  Deon tries to reason with Chappie, but Chappie tells him that he’s angry that Deon didn’t tell him that he was going to die.

News stories break that Chappie is out in the world committing crimes, so Moore hunts him down.  He manages to capture Chappie and steal the Guard Key from his head.   Moore uses the guard key to shut down all of the robocops.  Time breaks out all over Johannesburg.  Deon finds the Key in Moore’s computer and manages to turn back on Chappie.  Before they escape, Chappie sees The Moose.  Deon explains that it’s controlled by transferring a human operator’s consciousness via a control helmet.  Chappie steals the helmet and they go back to the gang hideout.

At the gang hideout, Chappie rigs up Yolandi’s laptop and all the PS4s to create a super computer.  He tests the helmet out on Yolandi and it works!

The gang goes to meet with Hippo, who has changed the deal.  He now wants Chappie for himself.  Moore sends The Moose in on the deal too.  A three way fire fight breaks out.  The Moose steps on Amerika and rips him in half.  Hippo is killed.  Deon gets shot.  Ninja creates a diversion so Deon, Yolandi and Chappie can escape.  The Moose is about to take out Ninja, but Yolandi surprises it by launching a rocket at it.  It turns and shoots Yolandi dead.  Chappie jumps back into the action and blows up The Moose.

Chappie rushes Deon back to the lab.  Moore is still there.  Chappie beats him into a mangled mess, but doesn’t kill him.  Deon is seconds away from death, but Chappie puts his consciousness in the one test robot that’s available.  Deon, now a robot figures out a way to save Chappie too.  He sends Chappie’s consciousness into the nearest fallen Robocop.  That works too.

So Deon and Chappie are robots now.  Chappie has Yolandi’s consciousness saved on a thumb drive from earlier when he was testing out the helmet.  He hacks into the robot factory and has it create a new schematic.  Yolandi’s consciousness is transferred into a brand new Fembot.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It's late at night in the city of Los Angeles. Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) has broken into a train yard to try and break off a chain link fence. An officer approaches him and demands to see some ID. Lou keeps his cool and shows it to him, and then he attacks the man and kills him. Lou later takes the broken up fence to a scrapyard and sells the fence to the yard's owner while trying to negotiate a higher price. He then asks the owner if he is hiring, since he can start immediately. He uses his motto, "If you want to win the lottery, you gotta have the money to buy a ticket." The owner rebuffs him and says he won't hire a thief.

A few cop cars pass Lou on the road. He pulls over to see what they're investigating. A car is on fire, and people are inside. A van of nightcrawlers - guys who record violent incidents at night for profit - pull up, led by Joe Loder (Bill Paxton). Lou sees Loder filming while two men pull a woman from the vehicle. Lou approaches Loder and asks about the job. Loder says it's a "flaming asshole of a job." Lou asks him if they're hiring and Loder says no.

Lou steals a bike on the beach the next day and goes to pawn it off. The shop owner will only go as far as $700, but Lou asks for $800 in store credit so he can get a camcorder and a police scanner. Using these, he listens to reports of incidents in the area. He pulls up to multiple crime scenes and is told to leave by the police. He manages to get good graphic footage of a man who was shot to death after a carjacking. The police turn Lou and another nightcrawler away, the latter who angrily curses Lou out for ruining his shot. Lou follows the man as he calls his employer and overhears how much the man is set to make off the footage.

Lou goes to the Channel 6 news station and meets news director Nina Romina (Rene Russo). He shows her and another station producer, Frank Kruse (Kevin Rahm) the footage, with good shots of the man dead and paramedics trying to revive him. Lou only makes $250 off the footage, despite trying to go way higher. He once again tries asking for a job or an internship position to no avail.

Lou interviews a young man named Rick (Riz Ahmed) for an internship position, making it seem like he's heading some big news station. Rick is practically homeless and struggling to find work, and he has little experience in this sort of field. Lou simply asks him if he has a phone with GPS, and Rick says yes. Lou hires him on the spot and tells him he'll get paid $30 a night.

Lou makes Rick read off directions to him as they go looking for incidents. Lou drives like a maniac and makes Rick nervous. He accidentally gives him wrong directions, and they arrive to the scene of a home fire too late, as paramedics have already wheeled the victim away. Lou is furious with Rick.

People are gathered around a shooting in a suburban home. Lou sneaks in through the back and into the kitchen where he rearranges pictures on the fridge to focus on the bullet holes and a shot of the neighbors talking to police. Nina loves the footage but Frank says it looks like Lou broke in. She still uses it.

Eventually, Lou and Rick are able to get a lot of new footage of horrifying incidents (with headlines like "toddler stabbed" and "drunk mom hits biker"), which Lou continues to sell to Nina. He gives her an impassioned speech about how he's come up with his business plan and how he has hoped to make a name for himself, which seems to almost move Nina.

Lou stands by Nina when two anchors from her station are set to report on one of the incidents that Lou got on camera. He mentions a Mexican restaurant and invites Nina to go with him. Nina declines, as she doesn't want to compromise their professional relationship, but Lou implies that he'll stop giving her good footage if she says no.

Loder finds Lou and offers him a spot on his team to deliver them some good footage. Lou turns him down, even as Loder persists. However, Lou very firmly rejects him, to Loder's anger.

Nina joins Lou at the Mexican restaurant. He makes it clear he wants more than a professional relationship but she says this is just a courtesy date. He reminds her that he station is the lowest rated station in the area, and she needs him just as much as he wants her.

Lou and Rick fail to arrive in time for another incident as Loder and his team beat him to the punch, leaving Lou with weak footage of a stabbing in Corona. Nina is pissed at him. Loder's coverage hits Channel 2 in all it's glory. Lou smashes his bathroom mirror in fury. He goes to Loder's house and cuts the brakes on his van. This later leads to Loder crashing the van into a pole. Lou and Rick arrive in time for Lou to film Loder being wheeled away in a gurney, choking on his own blood.

A big break comes when Lou and Rick happen upon a shooting/break-in at a large mansion. Lou sees two men fleeing the scene. He enters the house and films the dead bodies in each room. One victim is on the ground gasping for breath as Lou walks around him. He delivers the graphic footage to Nina, at which point he makes a demand for $15,000 for the footage, and not a cent lower, and he also wants the anchors to give him credit as Video Production News, and for him to be recognized as a credible news source. He makes it abundantly clear to Nina that he's calling the shots now. The anchors at the station report on the footage while Nina tells them what to say.

Two detectives, Frontieri and Lieberman (Michael Hyatt and Price Carson), arrive at Lou's door to question him about the footage and if he saw the two men. He doesn't give a clear description of the men but he tells them that they were driving an SUV.

Lou brings Rick to catch the killers and phone the cops. Rick demands a raise if he's going to keep tagging along on these sorts of missions. He meekly asks for $75 a night when Lou states he could've gone higher. Together, they find the killers and follow them to a restaurant. Lou phones the cops and says one of them has a gun. Two cops arrive and enter the place. Two more show up, and the killers begin to shoot at them. The cops shoot the larger killer dead while the other one gets away. Lou and Rick follow them in an intense chase. The cop car is hit by another car. Another cop car catches up to the killer and they crash. Lou stops the car and goes to get his shot. He tells Rick that the killer is dead. Rick goes to film the killer, only to find him alive and with a gun. He shoots Rick three times before crawling out. The killer aims his gun at the cops and is shot dead. Lou films his corpse and then films a dying Rick. Rick says Lou knew the killer was alive, and Lou implies that he did this since Rick threatened to compromise this whole operation. Rick dies.

Lou brings all of this to Nina, who is enchanted by all the gruesome imagery. Detective Frontieri comes to the station and demands to have the footage as it is evidence, but Nina refuses to surrender the tapes. Frontieri later interrogated Lou, knowing he withheld information from them since he knew what the killers looked like. Furthermore, he remains unmoved by Rick's death, but he sticks by his word without flinching, and he is left free to walk.


Frank approaches Nina and says the break-in at the mansion was really a drug robbery since there were multiple bags of cocaine found in there. He says this is the real story but Nina is focusing on the car chase and accident. Frank tells her she sounds like Lou, to which she replies that Lou has inspired them to reach higher.

Now, Lou has established Video Production News with news vans and three interns. He gets then ready with their tasks, and adds that he won't make them do anything he won't do himself. With that, he guides them into the night to snap more footage of what the people really want to see.


Monday, January 26, 2015

American Sniper

The movie is based on the life of Chris Kyle (Cooper), a Navy Seal sniper nicknamed The Legend. He was credited with over 160 kills over 1000 days and 4 deployments after 9/11. The movie focuses on his ability to balance his wife and 2 children, and his feelings of responsibility to save his brothers in arms.

Several of his friends are killed by an enemy sniper, and after he finally kills Mustafa, the notorious enemy sniper, he quits the military and returns to his family, but is unable to adapt to civilian life,  suffering from PTSD.

He finds therapy in helping wounded veterans by taking them to the shooting range.

He finally finds peace with his life and family, but is shot and killed by a Marine Veteran he is attempting to help.